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Asian Science Camp - 2010

August 17 - 21, Mumbai India
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Local Committees


The following committees have been constituted for the 2010 Asian Science Camp which will be hosted by HBCSE for TIFR from August 17 to 22, 2010.

Local Academic Committee

H.C. Pradhan, HBCSE (Chair)
Jayashree Ramadas, HBCSE
Vijay Singh, HBCSE
Chitra Natarajan, HBCSE
M.N. Vahia, TIFR
Anjali Karande, IISc., Bangalore
Savita Ladage, HBCSE
Rekha Vartak, HBCSE
Anwesh Mazumdar, HBCSE
Rajesh Khaparde, HBCSE

The Local Academic Committee will look after the academic programme of the camp, which includes plenary lectures, tutorial camps, students’ poster making sessions etc.  These members will also help in general organization of the camp.

Local Organizing Committee

H.C.  Pradhan, HBCSE (Chair)
Chitra Natarajan, HBCSE
S.C. Agarkar, HBCSE
K. Subramaniam, HBCSE
G. Nagarjuna, HBCSE
Aniket Sule, HBCSE
Madhavi Gaitonde, HBCSE
V.J. Deshmukh, TIFR


The Local Organizing Committee will look after all logistic arrangements (stay, food, transport, tours, registration, classroom arrangements, functions, exhibition, etc) for the camp.  They will be assisted by sub committees which will be constituted later to look after specific tasks.

Ms. Sumana Amin will be the 2010 ASC Secretary.


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